In-studio shots make a modelling portfolio. It's not easy, but you can make it look easy. Lighting tech and make-up artist available to schedule with a photo-shoot.   
Great photo shots with lots of lighting and time. Attention to detail. Bartender_0701Night Out
Un-posed moments BEAD0379Guitar in Downtown Charlotte
Great moments don't happen by accident. I am always preparing for the photo of the perfect split-second shot. AmbBall6_15-01-10_0235Blues
Emotion and Depth. How much of the world has been seen? That's what I think photos accomplish. Photos show us the pivotal moments that might quickly be missed or forgotten.  Dan_BridgeHoustonFINALDan_BridgeHoustonFINAL
Event photography: Nothing is better than making a "keeper" even in the fast paced environment of a big party.  New Year's Eve EventNew Year's Eve Event