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Event Photography covering Charlotte, NC. If you love great pictures for a lifetime reminder but don't want to pose, wait or interrupt the moment, then my style is for you. Need to splash tack-sharp photos up quickly for everyone to see? That is exactly what I can do for you. 

Delivering artful photos with speed and accuracy while blending into a high-energy event is the photojournalism skill that I  love.

There are no retakes for the perfect moment in life. Pivotal moments make a picture irreplaceable.  Superb photos promote an event into something larger than life.

Highland Games PhotographerArchery Contest with Thorn at the Highland Games and Celtic Music Festival, Sherwood Forest, Texas


Archery at Highland Games, Celtic Music Festival. Timing is everything!

Tired of endless poses and blinding flashes?

No problem!   State of the art equipment allows seamless flow of the party with event photography without interruption for retakes.  Letting people know when a really great picture was taken will only help people relax and enjoy the event.  People always ask me, "Was that it?" - Then I show them the picture and their smile gets bigger, inspiring confidence for the rest of the day.

Honestly, everyone needs a good, updated picture.  People can know they will have a great photo waiting for them soon after the event. It's like a door prize. Except better.


Bear track in the snow near Cherokee, NC. Appreciating what is around us gives depth and meaning to a picture.

And... Does the Camera make a difference?  A good rule of thumb is trust a photographer whose camera is worth more than their car.

Lenses?  Yes, great pictures need great lenses. It makes a difference. Top-notch lenses can make an "ok" photo into a "I love it" refrigerator piece that will remind you who you want to be.

Flashes.  Quality flashes: so that you don't know a flash was there.

Gear: Canon 1Dx, the Canon Flagship SLR camera.

Training: That's just the beginning.  My brother is an optical physicist and has taken painstaking time in training me by exercising just the right mix of light, technology and human skills. Thanks Bro!

  Owl with the Sky Kings, Carolinas Renaissance Festival. Tough to get a photo that shows how amazing this creature could be. 
Revealing moments through photography. CH145847CH145847
  This guy was cool. Gave me the thumbs up, even after running a marathon. Impressive! 
Clean Real Estate Photography in the Charlotte area and Western North Carolina.  Precise Architectural Photography to show off the home designer's vision.  Real Estate Photography Real Estate Photography of Mountain Cabin
  When a mountain cottage is more than the sum of its pieces.
Catch the action. Share the moment. Photographs are only the start. Organizing and presenting the pictures so others can enjoy them is the rest of the job.  Celtic20140929IMG_4960 - CopyCleghorn Band at the Celtic Music Festival, Sherwood Forest, TexasCleghorn Band
  "Seeing the moment" in a performance by the Cleghorn Band at the Celtic Music Festival, Sherwood Forest Fair, Paige Texas 2014